Thursday, May 13, 2010

An apple a day...

It's getting closer to that time of the school year again...when your kiddies say goodbye to their teachers and say hello to summer break. Oh, no!

Thinking of a great teacher's gift is sometimes a little difficult. What can I get that's not too flashy?
An apple-themed gift is great idea, it's both classic and sweet.

My daughter's school doesn't allow gifts for the teachers, so I ordered these labels for her class library. I love the purple mod pattern.

I also really like this personalized stationary from FlutterbyeNotes. (I didn't order from them, but these are lovely too).Great idea for a male teacher.

Here are some other gift ideas that I came up with.

Cute as a button:

These buttons from Wasted Wishes, Moon Parade, and Humble Boy are super cute. Wouldn't they look lovely tied with a pretty ribbon around a small bunch of flowers? The note could be handwritten by your kiddie with the phrases,"Thanks for helping me grow!", or "Thanks for helping me bloom!".

Teaching tools:

This pencil cup from Made by Marta would be a really nifty gift with a small bunch of pencils.

An apple bookmark set is a practical gift, too. This one from theflashbulb is pretty. You could place it into a book or journal, and attach a card that says,"You made your mark on me, thanks for being a great teacher!".

These apple magnets from Shelley Scott are charming. They come in a small pillow box ready for gifting.

Lunch Box:

This tea-wallet from Hot4Handbags on Etsy is my cup of tea. Place some teabags in it, or package it with a pretty teacup.
I really like these reusable sandwich bags from bellsandunicorns, katysklippys, and marymule from Etsy. They are both eco-friendly and great for snacks. Fill with a small bag of nuts or trail mix.
(These might be a clever gift if your child was a little naughty this year, and spent a few lunches with the teacher..haha.)

Apple bauble:

These green apple jade quartz glass earrings from amadia of Etsy are beautiful, and are made from hand-molded findings.

This maple wood pendant necklace is from Etsy artisan ZephyrWoods. 5-10% of the profits made from these pendants are donated to

This beautiful necklace from aversionx is so dainty.

It's in the bag:

Either of these apple green keyfob wristlets from baffingbags and nattiesplace would be a very clever gift. She could use it to hold the classroom keys on her wrist while monitoring the playground during recess.

Wouldn't your teacher(or you) just love this gorgeous apple green shoulder bag from olivetreetextiles? It's large enough to carry her everyday things, a snack, and a book or two.

Out of the box:

I've always love MidCentury Modern design. Madeintheredbarn sells reusable "unpaper towels" to use in this tower. They sell the reusable towels separately, 12 for $12. My daughter went to Montessori school, and the little ones would clean up the counters and windows, then help launder them. These would perfect for a daycare or Kindergarten teacher.

This upcycled apple green drawer from JunkBoutique would be really nice for storage in the classroom. Fill it with some supplies or some yummy treats like cookies.

This clover terrarium from doodlebirdie would be cute too.(Alright, this is not exactly "apple-y", but they do sell little apple trees to place in the terrarium, and clovers are green. Close enough?) Attach a clever note that says, "Lucky me! Thanks for being a great teacher!".

Let's Dance:

This stunning vintage-material-made apple clip from crankypants would be sweet for a dance teacher. She could use it to hold back her hair while giving the routine instructions.

This Giclee print in appletini is a great deal at $5 for a 5x7. BluLima sells it in larger sizes too.

These apple trays from YouAreYou would be ideal for an art teacher. She can load them up with art supplies, and easily carry them to the table for the next lesson.

This apple-print utensil holder from RosyUndPosy would be perfect for a favorite Home Ec. teacher.

So what do you think?


  1. What beautiful items you found. Thank you for showing them!

  2. Good Morning! What a great post! I am a special education para pro at a tiny country school and your teacher gift ideas are awesome and so beautiful! :-) We have 7.5 days left of school! I for one am so EXCITED! I am in need of a break and lots of time with my 2 year old daughter. Enjoy your summer!